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Us Election 2020 Betting Guide

Biden is also considered a favorite to win Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania, and he’s a slight underdog in Georgia. After plenty of movement in Joe Biden’s favor throughout Wednesday morning, betting odds have stabilized a bit over the past hour. While Biden is still the betting favorite, Trump has tightened the gap with his implied probability improving from 18.3% to 26.2% over the past hour. He also recently moved to being a slight favorite in Georgia, according to Betfair’s odds. Winning Pennsylvania would get Biden above the magic number of 270 Electoral College votes. Winning Arizona and losing Pennsylvania would require Biden to win at least one of Nevada, Georgia or North Carolina.

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At 88¢ on Thursday, he’s down from 90¢ the day before and a high of 94¢ on Oct. 1, but maintaining the advantage over Murphy who ended Thursday at 13¢. For the reasons talked about above, it’s not surprising that traders have been tracking Democrats winning the 2021 New Jersey gubernatorial election for the life of the market. Support for Republicans has remained in the single digits, and in the 90s for Democrats. The more interesting markets get into the county breakdowns, where pockets of conservatives in the overwhelmingly blue state make them less of a sure thing for incumbent Gov. Murphy. Gloucester County, in the southwest part of the state, was a nail-biter in 2020, but ended up electing Biden by about 2% of the vote. A recent Monmouth University poll found that a majority of voters assign some blame to the governor for failures that caused nursing home deaths to spiral in the early days of the pandemic.

All the top sites also offer Congressional betting odds, though you are unlikely to find comprehensive coverage of all races, as there are simply too many of them to include the full menu. Nevertheless, you will get several House and Senate lines during each cycle. The results of the presidential election could sway the fate of millions of Americans.

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BUSR has the latest 2024 US Presidential Odds for all potential candidates . All odds will be updated throughout the many midterms, scandals, and surprise announcements that are sure to come between now and election night, 2024. Betting on the US Presidential Election is popular and this is widely due to the amount of coverage it receives. The Election is broadcast live on the ABC and other mainstream networks throughout the week and especially on the day of the election. Settled on the candidate who wins Pennsylvania’s electoral votes at the 59th US Presidential Election.

The rest of the states use either independent commissions, have split government control or only one congressional seat. Each edition includes an update on the politics driving the week that was as well as highlights from PredictIt’s market analysts. Predictable Insights provides a unique, crowdsourced perspective at the intersection of politics and prediction markets.

It’ll now be interesting to monitor how odds move as more votes, and states, are called throughout Wednesday afternoon and evening. While Biden’s implied probability has slimmed from 82.9% to 80.7%, the recent adjustments have been very minimal overall. Since our last update, Biden won Wisconsin, though that didn’t affect odds as the result was already priced into the market. This comes on the heels of CNN projecting Biden to win the key swing states of Michigan and Wisconsin.

Regardless of the outcome, I feel confident that my decision to bet on Joe Biden to win the 2020 US Presidential Election at current odds is rational. The implied probability at those odds is 62.96%, even better than PredictIt. But if you keep betting tails and I keep flipping, you will get ahead. Even if you believe the most favorable prediction models, there is still a 8% probability, or roughly 1 in 10 chance of Donald Trump winning the election. Regardless of the outcome, the gambling community has already started going all-in on the winner of the next U.S. presidential election, in 2024.

Donald Trump also had support with an Australian bettor risking $140,000 on Trump to win (to win $231,000). The largest reported wager on the 2020 election though was a $5 million risk made by an anonymous former banker turned gambler in England. While $15 million was to be won by supporting the former president, the gambler lost their very expensive lunch. You can’t actually find Las Vegas odds on presidential candidates for either party, as Nevada doesn’t allow political betting.

Both parties are having to contend with national political realities, which makes the results even more likely to be seen as a bellwether for next year’s midterms. Their tactics to lure Trump to the state seemed to show progress this week. The day after Biden’s appearance, Trump was teasing the possibility that he will campaign for Youngkin. Tuesday is Election Day 2021 and there are several races PredictIt traders are watching, but none as closely as Virginia’s governor race, which is seen as the final bellwether this year before next year’s midterm elections. So we’re taking a deep dive into the latest polling and a look at how national figures for both parties will impact the race. Plus, will we see a surprise last-minute visit to the Commonwealth State by former President Donald Trump?