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Full-Service Program Management

It offers a variety of tools, powerful features, and seamless integrations that can be tailored to suit your business’s needs. Choosing Post Affiliate Pro as our affiliate management software was the best decision we made for our affiliate program. As a certified affiliate manager, I would highly recommend PAP for anyone planning on launching a scalable, profitable affiliate program.

  • You can also secure your payments through the fraud detection feature and flag suspicious affiliate behavior before you pay your partners.
  • He managed to work through some difficult install issues for us and did not quit until everything was resolved.
  • Find out whether your applicants have active websites, and what marketing methods and traffic-generating methods they use.
  • We can develop more than 14 ways to assist you that’ll allow you to get ahead of your competitors.

Post Affiliate Pro is a professional affiliate tracking solution that successfully automates over 30,000 affiliate programs. The marketing platform offers a solution for both in-house partner programs and networks. It’s suitable for a SaaS business and offers a flexible solution for managing your partner relationships.

What criteria do you use to determine whether or not an affiliate is a good fit for your business?

Otherwise, every time you want to make some small changes in campaigns, you have to look for the helping hands to get the job done. Quickly and easily set up our all in one affiliate tracking solution. No affiliate program manager can be on call 24/7, and a couple of hours are enough for a rogue affiliate to cause damage to a brand and/or other affiliates. Yes, you can withhold their commissions to minimize costs but chances are you will be unable to reverse the harm to your brand and lose valuable affiliates. Simply put, these are the times when your affiliate program doesn’t track affiliate-referred conversions .

affiliate management program

It also has a large database of affiliates and companies to recruit from or to start co-promotions with. Send a toolkit with all of the details of your program to new affiliates in a welcome email as well as a link to your program overview landing page. For relationships you’ve established with existing affiliates, auto-enroll them into your program to make participation turnkey. A portal registration page allows you to collect additional information from your affiliates, such as their website or other useful details. Once they enroll via the registration form, affiliates can automatically be logged into the portal for easy sharing.

How do you go about tracking affiliate marketing activity and performance?

What if we already have an in-house team who takes care of the day-to-day operations of the program and manage our top-tier affiliates? All we need is help with a few other areas of the business and the long-tail partners, so we can grow the program more. Impact offers an affiliate marketing solution where you pay only for the affiliates you work with and not the network fees. There isn’t a network of affiliates you can use to grow your business instantly.

affiliate management program

You need to view these relationships as partnerships where you are just as concerned about the growth of their business and what you can do to help them. An affiliate manager oversees affiliate publishers on behalf of an advertiser. They will recruit, manage the program, work with current and prospective affiliates answering questions and resolving issues.

Rebranding Tips for Merchants Running an Affiliate Program

You should focus on keeping them engaged and motivated, on helping them obtain even better results. Also, you can analyze the activity of your top-performing affiliates and use your findings to help other affiliates drive similar performances. Now you have ten possible reasons for your affiliate program failure. Keep in mind that more than one could apply to your particular situation.

Segment your affiliates.Know which affiliates are top-performing and could be rewarded with extra perks. Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website. Integrates with WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress & 30 other platforms. Impact’s price point and emphasis on scaling makes it more suitable for larger companies. If you are an established company with a goal of scaling fast and efficiently, Impact can be a good choice. Pricing is based on individual quota and depends on your functionality needs as well as the size and activities of your program.

affiliate management program

Almost all software gives you free set up advice, help you in listing directories and charge almost nothing on transactions. We build the best affiliate tracking software and integrate with top e-commerce platforms, payment processors, CRM’s, and email platforms. Not to worry, our support staff will help you launch your affiliate program. Great affiliate marketing is always data-driven, as it’s data that going to show you what is going on and how you can optimize. Where are clicks coming from, who is converting, does mobile convert better than desktop, what types of affiliate partners perform best for you?

It involves looking at the correspondence between your affiliates’ objectives and their performance. The least you can do, before giving up, is to try to identify affiliate marketing tools your mistakes and correct them. You can do that by performing an in-depth affiliate program health check to see where you stand and what can be improved.

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