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DOR Alcoholic Beverage Excise Tax

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Mellion said higher excise taxes would also make it that much harder to compete with New Hampshire, which doesn’t tax alcohol and already counts on Massachusetts for at least 28 percent of its sales. He said New Hampshire routinely markets to Massachusetts consumers because of the price differential. 34th highest liquor taxThe Massachusetts excise tax on liquor is $4.05 per gallon, lower then 68% of the other 50 states. Massachusetts’ excise tax on Spirits is ranked #34 out of the 50 states.

What is the 7 meal tax in Massachusetts?

The other is 7%….with the additional . 75% going to the community in which the restaurant resides. The law allows cities and towns to increase the meals tax in their communities to 7% as a way of bringing in additional revenue. So far 145 cities and towns have adopted this "local option" tax, according to the Mass.

The new sales tax should be repealed because it is an unfair double tax; a sales tax on top of an excise tax. The new sales tax has hurt small business owners who sell beer, wine and liquor, particularly near New Hampshire, which has no sales tax on alcohol. The excise tax is collected at the wholesale level, but consumers essentially pay for at least part of the levy in a beverage’s shelf price. But in 2010, Massachusetts booze buyers also began paying the state’s 6.25 percent sales tax on certain purchases of beer, wine and liquor.


The initiative’s supporters believed their efforts cleared the signature gathering hurdle on November 18, 2009, gathering and submitting approximately 115,000 voter signatures Signatures were submitted to all local city and town clerks in the state. Since the Massachusetts Legislature did not approve of the initiative by the May 4, 2010 deadline, petition organizers had to obtain signatures from about 1/2 of 1% of voters who voted in the last governor election and submit them before or on July 7, 2010. According to the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office, that number amounted to 11,099 signatures. Sponsors turned in enough signatures for the ballot, therefore allowing voters to decide on the measure. 36th highest cellphone taxThe average tax collected on cell phone plans in Massachusetts is $7.81 per phone service plan, lower then 72% of the other 50 states.

  • 24th highest gas taxThe Massachusetts excise tax on gasoline is 24.00¢ per gallon, higher then 52% of the other 50 states.
  • And fill in Box A under no tax paid the total gallons of beer produced.
  • Liquor retailers in the state had argued that the 6.25 percent sales tax on alcohol is making sales decline, that more people are heading to New Hampshire to buy their alcohol, since that state is tax-free.
  • Rep. Kay Khan, a Newton Democrat, has filed two bills to tax sugary beveragesand double the excise taxes on beer, wine and liquor.
  • The first thing to attack like the feline king is the gathering of all the tax statements you’ll need to fill out your 2022 return.
  • That prior tax year filing is a good template, especially if your tax life hasn’t changed that much.
  • The poll was conducted by KRC/Communications between August 29-31, 2010.

does massachusetts have state income tax celebrates the following national, state and local holidays. Banks and municipal buildings will be closed on many of these dates. Contact individual businesses for information about holiday schedules. Prefilled growlers that are already sealed, and in a cooler that a consumer can take from are exempt.

Consumer Tax Statutes in Massachusetts

Of the 16 states that set quotas on the number of off-premises licenses per population, only three—Montana, South Dakota, and Washington state—had more generous quotas than Massachusetts. For on-premises licenses, Massachusetts is still relatively permissive, with about five active licenses per 3,000 population. For comparison, New Jersey and Pennsylvania limit licenses in their state to one per 3,000 population. By submitting this form, Fogelman Law will take no action on your behalf. Submission of this form does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Governor Charlie Baker has moved forcefully to address the toll taken by opioid-related addiction since taking office in January.

Annabelle Schultze, who lives in South Boston, said given how much tax she already pays on drinks at bars, she wasn’t in favor of a tax increase on alcohol. She also doubted whether a tax increase would reduce the number of alcohol-related deaths or if the tax revenue would make a noticeable impact on funding healthcare. “Public health experts recommend raising alcohol taxes because this is one of the most effective strategies for reducing and preventing underage drinking, especially heavy consumption,” Lewis wrote in an email. The only goods in Massachusetts exempt from the sales tax are necessities like food, clothing, and prescriptions.

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